Thursday, June 08, 2006

Another sign of the times?

Stumbled across this interesting offering by the Jeruslem Post. (Be sure to click the Next Box to turn the pages.) Does its existence say anything to you about the day we live in? Any of the story titles intrigue you?

Would you subscribe? Why or why not?

1 comment:

  1. Actually it does look intrigueing. I suppose from the cynical point of view it is a confirmation that few things bring people together like having the same enemy. But there is no reason that means it is not a sign of the times. On the other hand arguably so was Merchant of Venice-"hath not a Jew eyes"-may have been inspired by God as a reminder of Christiandom's unacknowleged sin of "being arrogant unto the elder children"(reference to a verse in Romans). A sign can be a seemingly minor thing.
    It does look interesting, and I shall have to look at it more. I doubt I will get it because I seldom make subscriptions, that are not already free online. A rather mundane reason, and not to be expounded on. I already have the regular Jerusalem Post and I find it interesting at times. I would like to have this, but not enough to spend money on it as I only have so much.