Monday, June 26, 2006

A Holy Land incursion from the Round Table

Fellow knights, ever longed to explore and worship at the great sites of the Holy Land? Courtesy of the Internet, a midnight visit to the tomb of Joshua and Caleb in current-day Arab territory....

The Muqata جميل في المقاطعة: Amazing Midnight Visit to Kever Yehoshua bin Nun

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  1. There are a number of places in the area that I would like to see. It is unfortunate that so many of them are unstable.
    Professor Aaron Wolf, OSU, once told that when he was in the IDF he was once assigned to search Bethlehem on Christmas Eve. Unpleasant for the searchers, even more unpleasant for the searched, but someone might have thrown a bomb in the Church on Christmas, which of course would be more unpleasant. So I am not suprised that this place had to have guards around it too.
    Despite that their are a number of places in the Holy Land that I would like to see, both sacred and secular. The Church at Bethlehem might have been nice except for recent history. Petra, "the Rose Red city half as old as time",** though I think that is under the Jordanians control, one of their few tourist assets left*. They are good enough caretakers as far as it goes being sensible enough fellows, but border crossings in the Middle East must be a headache.
    Other places to see include Shepherd's Hotel in Cairo, the legendary fancy officers club during the North African War. I would not want to see the pyrimids though-they always struck me as best-forgotton monuments to tyranical arogance and foolishness. I would also like to go to Istanbul, and see the many sights there. And wonder who nearby is a spy-Istanbul is ledgendary for it's spy-stories.
    In Israel itself I would like to see some of the Crusader Castles. Frontier fortresses in the desert have their own sort of lonely grandeur. And I would like to see the memorial to the "righteous gentiles". More whimsically I would like to fish in the Sea of Galilee-just to say I had done so.
    But of course you cannot do all that you would like.

    *King Abdullah's Hashemite Clan seems to have a remarkable gift for bad fortune in arms and statecraft beyond it's actual desert. Yet they have a great gift for playing a losing hand well, surviving, and provideing a regime that is not intolerable.

    **One time a thriving caravan city, traditionally connected with the Edomites. It is now a ruin and a long favorite with archeologists. The quote from the poet(I forget which)refers to the peculiar color of the building stones.

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