Monday, July 24, 2006

Miracles in South America

OK, one more note from my trip to Poland. I had a great conversation with a young man on the plane to Chicago who was on his way to his first mission trip, a trip to Brazil on which he was going to have the privilege to do some preaching. About 20 years old, on fire for Our Lord, he's come under the teaching of Randy Clark and Bill Johnson.

Just sent me an email update on the results of his trip. Enjoy.


I'm BACK!! Wow, what an amazing trip! Tell your kids to go on this trip! It was incredible. Our God is a BIG GOD, and he wants to touch His children. I hope these testimonies are encouraging to you. Feel free to contact me more. I will be moving up to Harrisburg around the 1st week of Sept. Hope to hear from you soon!

We saw hundreds of miracles including tumors dissolving, blind eyes opening, deaf hears hearing, lame walking. It was incredible. I had a vision down there. While we were worshipping I saw 3/4ths of the room dancing violently unto the Lord as I was (there were 500 Americans plus Brazilians mostly under the age of 25 in the room). I had been asking the Lord to take the fire and hunger back to the U.S. because in Brazil, they have a desperation and hunger for God that I have never seen. SO I started to cry out to God as I worshipped and then I fell to my knees and started begging God. As I did this I felt sweat pouring off my forehead (that is usually a sign to me that the Holy Spirit is upon me because I get extremelly hot/on fire). With my eyes closed I saw the hand of God with a torch in His hand, and He put it in my mouth and down my throat and said "take this fire back to the U.S. " Then he put the torch in my hand and said "Go release this to others and put it in their mouths and as you all preach the Kingdom of God, it will come out with fire and power." I shared this with about 4 of the youth who were going to preach down there along with me and they all fell over under the power of God and felt some manifestation of fire. But I didnt tell them about the fire or vision until after they got up. I also released this vision over a whole bus of Americans and many felt the fire on parts of their body. This was a confirmation to me that this was a real vision.

I had the honor of preaching 6 messages of Randy Clark and Bill Johnson's sermons 6 different nights. It was incredible to preach the word of God with such power and authority and to see God touch his children. Thr greatest miracle I witnessed happened the 2nd night. A mother brought her 5 yr old son in her arms and told me (through a translator) that he was born 4 months premature and had never walked, talked, or heard in his life. As soon as I heard this I believe I had my 1st gift of faith because I knew that boy would walk. I asked to hold him in my arms, and as I did I didnt pray one word. I just closed my eyes and invisoned Jesus in Heaven because Eph 2:6 says we are seated in heavenly places in Christ Jesus. So I knew where I was disease, infirmities cannot exist. 10-20 sec into holding the boy the Holy Spirit told me to put him on his feet. So I obeyed immediately and they boy started walking up the stage stairs!!! PRAISE JESUS! He had the biggest smile I have ever seen and I couldnt catch him to pray for his ears or mouth. He was having so much fun that I decided to pray for others and let him have fun. 5 min later I heard the microphone turn on and heard "Da-Da", and looked and that boy was talking for the first time in his life. His mother was just weeping. I talked to her the next night and she said that her boy could barely hear now when they shout and he also said that night "Ma-Ma". It just tore me up inside how good our God is. I have many more stories but that just did something in my heart.

God did something to me on this trip and I will never be the same. He has set me on fire for His presence and to see HIs kingdom come. I will never be able to stop seeking the face of God, he has truly done a work in me and He isnt going to stop it either. I received many prophetic words on this trip that blew me out of the waters in what God has destined for me. All I can do is pray into those words and ask for more intimacy with him no matter what the cost. Praise JESUS!!

Our Final Statistics:
Estimated Attendance: 43,736
Physical Healings: 7570
Of these:
Blind or legally blind seeing better than 80% - 100
Deaf or mostly deaf ears now open and hearing - 100
Tumors or cysts disappearing before our eyes - 132
Those who could not walk now walking - 39
Emotional, Inner Healings and Deliverances - 2699
Salvations: 984
Blasted: 4707
Called into Ministry: 1143

God Bless you and feel free to contact me anytime or call me and I'll tell you more or if you have specific questions about what God did to me and how he performed all the signs, wonders, and miracles he did.

In Christ,

Timothy Berry


  1. Wow, what a phenomenal report!

  2. I agree, Paul. Sad irony that reports like this, by actual people we know, pass without comment in most Christian circles, even the Round Table.

    Was it Jesus or Paul who said that signs were for the unbelievers? Now we know why...

  3. "A week later his disciples were in the house again, and Thomas was with them. Though the doors were locked, Jesus came and stood among them and said, 'Peace be with you!' Then he said to Thomas, 'Put your finger here; see my hands. Reach out your hand and put it into my side. Stop doubting and believe.'

    Thomas said to him, "My Lord and my God!"

    Then Jesus told him, "Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed."

    Jesus did many other miraculous signs in the presence of his disciples, which are not recorded in this book. But these are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in his name.

    John 20:26-31

    Many months ago I was like Thomas. I would not believe that God heals, or raise the dead because I had never seen it or really heard about it. Since November of 2005 God has taken me on a radical trip into the Father's heart. Being raised as a preachers kid of a southern baptist church I didnt get taught about miracles,signs, wonders, the gifts of the Spirit or the Baptism of the Holy Spirit that are all clearly indicated in the Scriptures.

    BUT, I got hungry for more of Jesus, and he looked past my unbelief and opened my eyes to the TRUTH of scripture. If you believe He would die for your sins, then you must believe that He died for your illnesses, hardships, diseases, and sufferings. Thats what Isaiah 53 is all about. So God looked past my unbelief and baptized me in the Spirit just while driving my car one day, and I didnt know what it was. All I knew was I was weeping uncontrollably and was overwhelmed by the presence of God. A month later I started speaking in tongues and thought I was going crazy because I had been taught against tongues. So what I didnt believe, God took care of it. And since then I have been in a passionate relationship with the Lover of my soul. Healings, salvations, deliverances, visions, dreams are all wonderful, but it is all about growing closer to our Papa who is radically in love with us. In Revelation John describes His eyes as if with a burning fire. They arent on fire because he is condemning or angry, but because he is in firey love with his bride, the Church, you and me, we are the BRIDE OF CHRIST!! How awesome is that!

    If you are having trouble believing these stories, it is okay. If I had told myself the same stories 10 months ago I wouldnt have believed myself. Most of my close friends, church, and yes even my own earthly dad don't believe me. They know I wouldnt lie, but at the same time these stories are "too out there" to believe/ It is a very humbling experience, but at the same time I know what is truth, and all these stories I can back them up with the Word of God. And His Word will NEVER pass away. Earth and heaven will pass away but never His Word because He is the WORD! AMEN!

    So whether you beleive me or not, it won't affect me, because I know in my heart how God has radically touched my heart and has touched thousands on this trip to Brazil. I will be going back in late September so I will let you all know if I experience the same things (which is YES). But I pray that these testimonies of Jesus would strengthen your faith and create a hunger and thirst in Your spirit for greater intimacy with the one and living God who created you in His own image. And I pray that it would stir up a belief in your heart that the miracles I have seen and many others are seeing are about to come into your life. I pray that the Kingdom of God will invade your life on earth as it is in Heaven.

    Feel free to argue, rebuke, criticize, comment, praise, rejoice, over these stories and I will hopefully be able to reply as well and feel free to question things I spoke of and I will do my best to answer to the best of my ability.

    God Bless and Praise the King of Kings and Lord of Lords and may we be strengthened in unity by discussing the things of God.

    Timothy Berry (FireBall: nickname from Brazil trip)