Wednesday, August 23, 2006

A Political Alternative, or Christian Duty?

Back on the subject of political choices, I previously referred Sir Don to a site maintained by the US Constitution Party. Never heard of it? Not surprised, I never did until last year, either.

Well, I thought the best thing to do for the "peace of the Table" was to let this dog lie. But it keeps howling at me. I went back to this page and studied each of the platform planks that the Constitution Party stands for. On first read, some of them sound quite radical. But, on consideration (and why my conscience hasn't left me alone on this) we are faced with an interesting problem. That is, this is obviously a party of people who would simply like our government to abide by the rules established at the founding of our country, which also happen to be built on a foundation of the guidance of our God.

Please, give this platform your consideration, and then tell voting for Constitution Party candidates a political alternative with minimal impact on the country, or a Christian duty with maximum benefit to our soul?

Sir Chuck of the Hopeless Cause

FYI - Compare to the Republican Party Platform of 2004, and The Democratic Party Platform of 2004


  1. It has attractions in some ways but it is after all a third party. Moreover no party can promise to remove corruption from public service-that is like promising to ensure that gas stations never smell.
    And so on.
    In other words it's platform, and the result of the parties activities are not necessarily the case. And some of the things it recommends are not inately Christian. What I mean is that they are statements of means and priorities about which honest men can disaggree, rather then something definitely Christian.
    For instance suppose a party said that it would cure the problem of thiefery by sending thiefs to a penal colony in Antartica. Well we know from the Bible, "thou shalt not steal." We know from common sense that thiefs have to be dealt with somehow. And we know from history that that method has worked before in other places. On the other hand we also can argue that Antartica is disproportionate. On the other hand it might actually be better then rotting in prison. But all we actually know from the Bible is "Thou shalt not steal", and "Love thy neighbor as thyself", and "render unto Caesar". The hypothetical policy is Christian in that it is designed to prevent stealing-and allow the thief to work his way back into becoming a good citizen again rather then being shut away and forgotten. Therefore it could be said to fulfill justice and mercy at the same time. Good so far. But the question is "Will it work?" No one knows. But a considerable ammount of political debate centers on exactly that question.
    That is why I would say, "Political Alternative". If Sir Chuck thinks it the best one then good luck to him.

    Sir Jason the Longwinded

  2. In other words it's platform, and the result of the parties activities are not necessarily the case.

    Well, that is surely true, Sir Jason, as we have seen from last thirty years of bi-partisan governance.

    Very few of the carrots the Republicans have held out to "the religious right" in their party platforms have developed to fruition. Possibly, President Bush's Supreme Court selections will turn out to have positive bearing on our cause. Otherwise, very little...

    The significant thing in reading the three platforms is that the Republican and Democrat platforms barely touch on most of the issues set out straightforwardly in the Constitution Party's platform. In other words, were getting rhetoric from the two big parties, while the alternative is addressing the issues. By the way, this is certainly why the Green Party always appeals to a percentage of liberal voters.

    As to your statement above, it is true the Constitutioners may not be able to enact positive influence on all the issues they put forward...but at least we know how to measure them. How do you measure performance of rhetorical blather? Certainly, President Clinton demonstrated that you can't...

    Sir C, all blathered up

  3. You find the truth of a political parties ads the same way as with commericial ads-by studing it's products. As the "company" is just getting into business in this case that is difficult.
    In other words first you do your best with what knowlege you have and you pray.
    Then you pay your money and you take your chance.
    Sir Jason