Friday, August 11, 2006

A Reality Check

The Islamic Threat: MUST WATCH Relentless - The Struggle for Peace in the Middle East

What a movie. This should be shown to the entire free world.

Have a great weekend and Sabbath...

Sir C


  1. Where would be a review of the movie?

    The point Sir Chuck brings up is well taken. Islam does seem to have a remarkably warlike history, compared to other religions. And yes I am allowing for the Crusades. In fact though a number of others have mentioned it.
    Actually "religion of peace" seems to have been either wishful thinking or diplo-speak. It is convenient if not all Muslims are on their side.
    I am not fammiliar with the movie refered to and would like to know where a review is available?

    Sir Jason the Longwinded

  2. Click on the link on the post, Sir Jason. It will take you to a blog where the movie can be watched in a viewer. It's a one hour movie, but well worth the time...

    Sir C