Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Light of the World in the Midst of Darkness

Here's an hopeful article from Chrisitianity Today, Postcard from Africa .

As Jesus tells us, blessed are the poor in spirit, blessed are those who mourn. Plenty of that to go around in Africa. Yet the reports, such as this one, of the movement of God's Holy Spirit, even in the face of Muslim intimidation, stand as a shining testament to the power and truth of Our Lord.

My daughter Allie went on a mission trip this spring to Kenya, and returned with a true direction in her life. Many of our African friends here in State College exhibit the strongest kind of unquestioning faith that I have ever witnessed.

Even in the midst of apparently endless turmoil, Africa may be blessed that the rest of the world has ignored it for so many centuries.

The last will be first.


  1. It is not that different from what St. Benedict saw in Europe. Perhaps things can change.

    Sir Jason

  2. "...Flame of fire has (3) three Rays: Actinic, Chlorific, and Luminiferous...:
    Actnic: Heat= God's Love
    Chlorific= Changing Power of God
    Luminiferous= Light up my life for JESUS..."You Light Up My Life" the Psalmist David said: Psa. 27:1.
    POWER in that FIRE...HE IS MY FIRE..."Ring of FIRE..." GLORY..!