Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Real History of the Crusades

The Real History of the Crusades - Christianity Today Magazine

Best short article on the Crusades I've ever read....

Sir C


  1. That is going a mite on the other side. However the evil of the Crusades has been greatly exagerrated. While calling a war a sacrament is not acceptable, the Crusades were at least justifiable from the Augustinian point of view. And cynicism tells me that some type of "spin" was necessary and this was the first that would occur in those times
    In any case the fact is that in a one thousand year war, saying who is the aggressor becomes academic.
    Oh and by the by it is true that victories like Lepanto didn't happen very often-because the entire Turkish fleet was destroyed there. Such victories are rare. Furthermore most of the fighting was carried on by raid and siege. Raiding was so common that it was hard to tell war from brigandage.

    Sir Jason

  2. Sir chuck

    Very interesting account of the Crusades. As always, they are insight never shared in the mainstream media with its imbedded hatred of Christ and all things Christian.

    I believe that much of history will be rewritten in heaven when the true facts are known. Many heroes will be revealed as villains and some villains will be shown as actually being heroes.

    We should not be surprised at false statements by historians. Jesus warned us that they would "…say all manner of evil against us falsely, for my sake." Mat 5:11

    Sir John, waiting for the true story.