Wednesday, September 20, 2006

That Sinking Feeling...

This latest comment from the good pope, trying to recover in the face of criticism...

"I hope that in several occasions during the visit ... my deep respect for great religions, in particular for Muslims -- who worship the one God and with whom we are engaged in defending and promoting together social justice, moral values, peace and freedom for all men -- has emerged clearly," Benedict said during his weekly audience at the Vatican.

Rest of the article here...

I had a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach as I read that statement. Anyone else?

Sir Chuck of the One True God


  1. I can’t help but to boil down the current controversy to:

    The Pope: An emperor in history said Muslims spread their religion by the sword and violence.

    Muslim: How dare you call us a violent religion! For that you must die.

    sir don.....
    Knight of the Golden Horseshoe

  2. You should enjoy the next post, Sir Don of the Black and White....

    Sir C

  3. Muslims worship the same God? I find that a rather shocking position from the leader of a religion that supposedly has Jesus Christ as its triune Lord.

    I'm sure I just don't understand the nuance or context of his comment, but that's the problem with appeasement just broadens the misunderstanding.

    Sir Chuck, who appreciates Texan straight talk (keep bringin' it, Sir Don)

  4. Sir Chuck, I contend you understand perfectly.....

    Any leader, religious, political or otherwise, who promote relativism or appeasement, are concerned sane, reasonable people by the world.

    Any leader who declares there is a right and wrong defined by the Living God and His Word is a raving lunatic in contrast.

    Who wants to be called a lunatic? Someone who is kicked to the curb by today's world culture.

    The only group considered legimate and declaring "righteousness" are the Islamo-fascists. They seems to be getting a pass, because they challenge the too-powerful USA.

    From an adopted Texan at best (20+ years now). More like a stubborn hillbilly too lazy to work in the woods.

    sir don.....
    Knight of the Golden Horseshoe

  5. "Worship the same God" is not doctrinally correct strictly speaking. However it is hardly unknown among Christians. What it really means is we are both Monotheists and claim to worship the same God. Which is true.
    I have more problems with simply making a statement like that so soon after those riots. It makes us appear easily bullied. It seems to me that if they are that sensitive then avoiding being "provocative" is impossible and we must really avoid titilatting them . Otherwise they will do so again and again. And if the Pope can't say such things to a group of Catholic students without causing riots then things are bad. As the song says, "you got to know when to hold 'em, and know when to fold 'em", it is not the time to fold.