Saturday, October 21, 2006

The Brewing Backlash

Europe Raising Its Voice Over Radical Islam

Interesting article. At the risk of sounding cynical, the article conveys to me that as long as the Islamic threat was perceived by Europeans to be aimed at Chiristianity, then so be it. But now that the perception has changed to be a threat against their beloved vulgar arts, there is the beginning of an ugly backlash.

So are the ways of the world....

Sir Chuck of the Irony


  1. To be fair most people care primarily about those they feel a connection to.

    Sir Jason the not-necessarily-cynical-but-decidedly-grim

  2. Also much of it is "last straw-ness". The anger is not so much at those particular demands as in fear of the continuation of similar demands. Incremental attacks are in some ways harder to combat because no individual attack would of itself deserve notice except for the preceeding ones and the belief in their continuance. For instance nobody in World War II really went to war for the sake of a petty land dispute over transit rights to the city of Danzig. Nobody even went to war for the existance of Poland. It was what came next that was feared. Likewise the American Revolution was not about a tea tax, it was about the claim to be able to tax those unrepresented in parliment, which in turn was about the fear of arbitraryness.
    Now Migratory tensions are only like traditional power struggles by analogy-for one thing no one has to be at fault for more then Original Sin in a migratory tension(I.E. the Goths did not come with a plot to destroy the Roman Empire, they came looking for good pasture and farmland). Nevertheless this same thing applies-petty greviances can represent larger ones.

    Sir Jason