Monday, October 09, 2006

Church vs. State

One of the trends that is likely to acclerate in the coming years is clashes at the boundaries of our churches, their operations and beliefs, and our governments. This NY Times article is an excellent case study of a phenomenon that we'll see more of in the future.

For an introduction to the story, watch the excellent videos (part 1 and part 2) if you have the bandwidth or patience to download it. They're well worth the wait if you have the time.

While the land-use story in Boulder doesn't seem quite like a church-state issue as much as a straight-forward zoning controversy, the NY Times article demonstrates why the church-state clash is sure to grow, and the Boulder controversy is just the leading edge of the storm.

Most Christians usually dismiss this kind of problem as being "of the world" and ignore you think it wise to do so this time? If not, is there a prudent general course to follow that could minimize the confrontations?

Sir C


  1. One start could be to take as few favors as possible from the government. Asking favors from the state is like asking favors from Vito Corleone-sometimes it has to be done but it must be carefully considered.
    That of course is an exagerration. However I have noticed that some of the pressure against the integrity of religious based groups is excused by such things by some. Even the more petty deals are not ignored.
    Which may mean that Bush may be wrong about faith based initiatives.
    I cannot remember specific examples, but it has struck me that some Churches have unwittingly walked into it. Do not owe a favor to the Godfather!

    Sir Jason

  2. Which may mean that Bush may be wrong about faith based initiatives.

    Fair observation, Sir Jason. The faith-based initiatives initiative certainly waved a red flag at me. Any agreement of reciprocity tacitly implied by a church's acceptance of government funding is bad yeast.

    I was surprised by the level of this complicity as identified in the article. I wonder what would happen to various American Christian groups were these various "favors" eliminated.

    Shouldn't true faith be able to stand on its own?