Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Dear Dr. Dobson and Friends | Pass the Salt

The upcoming elections are bringing up some interesting ideas after all. Coach Dave Daubenmire of Pass the Salt Ministries in Ohio writes this open letter to Dr. Dobson to harness his resources for a more fruitful political enterprise than riding the GOP elephant.

Sir Paul, among others, has questioned the wisdom of evangelical Christian leaders pledging our resources to the Grand Old Party, which is a party getting a little out of control.

I especially appreciate the scripture used by Coach Daubenmire. What say you...appropriate and relevent use of scripture or not? And what do you think of his idea?

Sir Chuck


  1. Black and white truth in God's Word and Will.....

    Nothing but shades of gray in our world.....

    We must be discerning, but not too pragmatic. Eventually someone must take a first step to change the world.

    I have not problem with the general idea, or at least what I skimmed. It seemed well-reasoned and obedient to the Word.

    I'm not sure when the timing is right. It would be a huge risk to allow the liberals to gain control in the November election. I guess I want a coup instead of a slow methodical change.

    random thoughts from a random mind.....
    sir don.....
    Knight of the Golden Horseshoe

  2. The purpose of a political party in the American system is to provide a "kitchen" where a batch of ideas are mixed together and cooked. In European countries and Israel a Political Party is what Americans call a "lobby group" or a "special interest". In America it is a mechanism for forming coalitions between lobbies whose actual connection is often more intuitive then logical-and some who are clearly allies of convenience. Therefore a politically thoughtful person should take his loyalty to a given party with many a grain of salt.
    When you realize that you don't get dissillusioned with the two parties.
    You are not loyal to the GOP as such any more then you are loyal to NATO rather then America

    sir jason