Thursday, October 19, 2006

FYI, Fellowe Knights...

We've had relatively light traffic to the Round Table, due partly because the search engines that produce blog results haven't been recognizing us to this point. We've been registered with the Technorati Search Engine for several months now, but its not apparently recognizing our posts and traffic.

Even with this disadvantage, we've been able to place consistently in the Christian Top 1000 listing

I've repositioned the code (you'll notice the CT1000 and Technorati symbols at the top of the blog sidebar now) in order to try to get them to work better. You can help by clicking the green "Fave this blog" Technorati icon on the sidebar...then follow the brief directions, and you're done. The more folks who tag the Round Table as one of their favorite blogs, and the more bloggers who link to the site or one of the Round Table posts, the higher our Technorati ranking will go, and the more visitors we'll get!

That's the theory, anyway...

Right now our Technorati ranking is 1,875,444th. Not bad, we were 2,587, 322 a couple of weeks ago...

Sir Chuck of the World Wide Blog

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