Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Gaza Tremblings

More news you won't see on ABC, CBS, or NBC. Pat Robertson sometimes states things too bluntly for the good of his cause, but I don't think he can be accused of exaggerating the significance of the footage in this videoclip.


  1. The people that rule that area can be thought of as a combination of a crime network and a cult using the methods of both to keep themselves in power. They really do more harm to their own people then to Israel. There is probably not much to do about it except pray.

    Sir Jason the Resigned

  2. The Christians of the USA are paying taxes to a feed the crimes commited by the israeli murderers, ans they find excuses for the killing of the children in Gaza, they accept the murderer and they accept the excuses of those who say "we killed the children" but it was the mistake of the resistance, so .......... we will keep killing the children , the israeli say, it is time for the church of the Christ in the USA to be honest with itself and do what Jesus taught us, to stand on the side of the right, the israeli immigrants are taking away the homes from their rightouous owners the palestinians, since 1948 , and the americans are applauding these criminals, since the creation of israel the christians have dropped to less than 2% in the Holy Lands, they are persecuted by the israelis, the christians in the Holy Land nedd your Help, believe in Jesus in actions not only in words , not only in words, stop sending weapons to the israelis