Thursday, October 19, 2006

God: Our Help, Hope, Shelter, and Eternal Home

Walking to the store this evening, marveling at the beautiful Pennsylvania autumn, looking to God above in the clear evening sky. Started to hum, then sing out loud, one of my all-time favorite hymns, O God, Our Help in Ages Past.

O God, our help in ages past,
our hope for years to come,
our shelter from the stormy blast,
and our eternal home:

I've always thought these simple words perfectly described man's relationship with Our Everything, God Almighty. Past, future, present, and forever. But I got to wondering...were there more words? Can you improve on perfect? So I found this song on the web at the link above, and found the rest of the tribute...

Under the shadow of thy throne,
thy saints have dwelt secure;
sufficient is thine arm alone,
and our defense is sure.

Before the hills in order stood,
or earth received her frame,
from everlasting thou art God,
to endless years the same.

A thousand ages in thy sight
are like an evening gone;
short as the watch that ends the night
before the rising sun.

Time, like an ever-rolling stream,
bears all its sons away;
they fly, forgotten, as a dream
dies at the opening day.

O God, our help in ages past,
our hope for years to come,
be thou our guide while troubles last,
and our eternal home!

Isaac Watts wrote this beautiful heart poem. His works are a glorious tribute to his Saviour, Our Same Lord. I pray that his life was as glorious, and that we of The Table Round can bring as much glory to the Lord in whatever way He would have us...

Sir Chuck

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