Thursday, October 12, 2006

Here's a festival to think about...

The Muqata جميل في المقاطعة: Shake that Lulav, Baby. (I love Israel during sukkot)

I love reading The Muqata. Jameel took us to the front lines during the recent non-war between Israel and Hezbollah, to the tomb of Joshua in the middle of the night, and posts other various and sundry crazy items of life in Israel. And that he's sharing the Jewish perspective with the world, is a good thing.

Today he shared with us an interesting look at a festival called Sukkot, which I guess I should have known about if my OT knowledge was where it should be...but OK, I admit it, I never heard of this holiday, had to look up the Wikipedia link. And the video...I thought, this is a Jewish religious holiday? Looks like Abraham should be flippin' in his tomb.

Then I thought of some of our crass displays of Christmas spirit...

I wonder if religious Jews get as offended at these booty shakers as we do at various signs of secular de-Christianization of Christmas.


  1. WE WERE JUST IN LANCASTER, PA for the "Sight and Sound" presentation of "RUTH" and "PSALMS of DAVID"...IT WAS WONDERFUL...! We stayed at a motel right across from DUTCH WONDERLAND...where the Hebrews had a TENT set up for their SUKKOTH Celebration or Feast of Tabernacles...We met some Hebrews and talked about their Celebration which is a Big Family Vacation Celebration...All Men and Women, Boys and Girls were all dressed in black and white with their linen tassles, caps and showed us their "Booths" for the Celebration...WOW..! WE CAN LEARN MUCH from the HEBREWS in their FAMILY TIES and CELEBRATION...!
    =Sir HARRY

  2. Did you shake your lulav, Sir Harry?

  3. The movie clip was very interesting. I did not know they celebrated the Feast of Booths that way.

    I pray for Israel, that they would seek the God of Abraham and the one they pierced, namely Jesus.

  4. Hey Sir Chuck -- Well, we certainly celebrate Sukkot every year, eat in a sukka (sort of like a hut/booth/temporary living place) -- in Israel, the weather's nice enough to sleep in it; but growing up in the US it was far too cold.

    As a religious, Orthodox Jew, the "shake it" video is slightly irreverant, but definitly not the end of the world. It's just funny. OK, I don't think I would do THAT with my Lulav (since when we shake it as part of the daily sukkot prayers, it's totally different) -- but the music and video are just enough to bring a smile to anyone's face.

    Sukkot, by the way, was the festival of all the nations of the world in the Temple Times. All the nations would come to the temple and pay homage to G-d.

    Thanks for your kind words about my blog...

    Regards from the holy land,


  5. Thank you for the visit, Jameel. May G-d bless your family, friends, and neighbors and keep you all safe in these interesting times.

    Looking forward to sharing grilled chicken with you one of these days. Maybe you should start a cooking blog...:-)

    Sir Chuck

  6. jameel

    Welcome. I am curious as to the use of G-d. Could you fill me in on that?

    Sir John

  7. said...


    Welcome. I am curious as to the use of G-d. Could you fill me in on that?

    Sir John

    8:30 AM
    It's probably a transliteration of the never-spell-it ceremony. I have seen it from Jewish World Review and J Post and even mildly irreverant Jewish commentators like Jonah Goldberg.

    Sir Jason