Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Hills of the World

BoneCrusher: G'Vaot Olam - The Hills of the World

You've heard of the Jewish settlers about whom there is so much fuss. Ever wondered what the settlements look like, what the people do? Why would these good people ever want to live in a reportedly desolate land, under constant fear of attack?

Our blogger friend BoneCrusher shows us the settlement of G'vaot Olam, which, according to BC, means "The Hills of the World". He mentions passing through Itamar as the nearest other settlement.

Why would they live there? There are worse places, for sure...

Sir Chuck, nursing a primal longing to be there...


  1. It's not just the appraised value. Farmers give land a meaning that they don't give to gold. In their case it represents the revival of a cause that they feared was dying and it does go hard to be told they have to move again just like in Fiddler on the Roof.

    Sir Jason

  2. It's simply a great place to live...and could not imagine living anywhere else.