Thursday, October 19, 2006

Nazis, Inc.

FrontPage :: The Ivy League’s Love Affair with Nazis

Have you ever wondered about the seemingly crazy behavior of many major universities? This interesting article illustrates Solomon's wisdom that "there is nothing new under the sun" by recalling the behavior of Ivy League schools and officials to the Nazi regine of the 1930's and comparing it to their pandering to modern-day Jihadic leaders.

Is there any redeeming value of these universities bringing these folks over to give speeches to our college students?

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  1. William F Buckley once said that there is nothing to learn for he will be repetitive, that it was unchivalrous to jeer at a speaker from such groups and inhuman to listen to him politely as if he was respectable. Therefore one should not go and hear him at all.
    Be that as it may the propriety of inviteing an avowed enemy of the Republic is dubious in any case.

    Sir Jason