Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Turn the Rascals Out

Since we've discussed election disappointment before at this Table, I thought you might be interested in this email I received today...

Turn the Rascals Out

by James N. Clymer
Constitution Party National Chairman

Election Day is just around the corner. Hardly a day goes by that someone doesn’t share a new insight on how the major parties (most often the Republicans) have betrayed their base and have become irrelevant as any hope of restoring this Republic. There is a perception that there will be a major shakeup this election and the Constitution Party should be positioning itself to be the beneficiary.

Those who see 2006 as a potential breakout year for the Constitution Party, fall mainly into two categories – those who are thoroughly disgusted with all the national parties' response to the invasion of illegals and those who have finally had enough of the hypocrisy of limited government talk and welfare state walk. In addition, there are many who have finally come to the edge with Republican lack of resolve on a broad range of social issues, especially abortion and the homosexual agenda, commitment to a perpetual state of war, and a police state mentality that so willingly will use fears of the masses as an excuse for an ever expanding, pervasive, controlling government in a march toward totalitarianism.

It is times like these that I wish we had figured out a way to have hundreds more candidates on the ballot this election. As it is, we have a goodly number of high quality candidates who are poised to make a significant impact. There are several that could win! This could indeed be the breakout year that gives encouragement to hundreds and even thousands of constitutionally minded candidates to run in 2008.

Be a part of the CP explosion this fall. Show your support for our candidates by rushing a campaign contribution to the CP campaign(s) of your choice. If no candidate is running in your state, adopt a candidate from another state. Make your contribution as large as you possibly can. From one who has been in a number of races, I can tell you it’s lonely out there! It is easy to feel like you have been left out to swing in the wind.

Be an encourager. If at all possible, contribute to our candidates and send along a word of encouragement. Go beyond that and visit the state websites to learn of candidates for state house and senate races and send them a contribution and a word of encouragement as well. Let them know how much you appreciate their sacrifice and willingness to face the firing squad of an often hostile media. But do it quickly because the election is almost upon us and they need your help now. Then on November 7th, rejoice with the victorious and weep with those who have labored hard, but come up short.

Click here to find out who's running, and be sure to visit the state websites as well.

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What do you think of this appeal...does it help or hurt the CP cause?

Sir Chuck

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  1. Neither. While I am not a PR expert I would say it is about average for that sort of thing.

    Sir Jason