Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Constitution Party Follow-up

Email from the Constitution Party....Sir C


The Constitution Party made great strides in the 2006 election and can, for the first time, celebrate victory!

First of all, congratulations go out to Rick Jore, of Montana, who made history becoming the first Constitution Party candidate from any state to be elected to the state legislature, capturing the seat in Montana’s 12th District. Jore actually won in 2004, by three votes only to see the courts throw out enough ballots to give the Democrat the victory. This year, in a rematch, he won convincingly, garnering 56.2% of the vote and drubbing his Democrat opponent.

Two candidates in Nevada’s Independent American Party were also elected to office. Jackie Berg was elected Eureka County Clerk with 54.10% of the vote, easily topping Republican and Libertarian opposition. Also, Cel Ochoa will be the new constable in Searchlight, Nevada by virtue of winning 54.93% of the vote to defeat her Republican rival. Another feather in the cap of the Nevada Independent Party was the victory of IAP member Bill Wilkerson to the Elko School Board, in a non-partisan race. Congratulations to our soon to be incumbent office holders in Nevada!

The Nevada party did exceedingly well across the board, with its five statewide candidates receiving from 3.44% of the vote to 6.75% of the vote all in races with three or more candidates plus a "none of the above" option. Two Nevada state senate candidates received in excess of 32% of the vote and one received over 22% of the vote. These results were indicative of results received across the board by over 40 Nevada candidates.

In Florida our candidates made impressive showings! C. Burt Linthicum received 34,528 votes and 28.9%of the vote for the 12th District State Senate seat. Ken MacPherson received 10,971 and 22.5% of the vote for State Representative in the 76th District!

The Utah Constitution Party did an outstanding job, running over 40 candidates. Scott Bradley, the candidate for US Senate, received 3.75% of the vote. Jim Noorlander, in the 3rd Congressional District won over 8% of the vote against incumbent Chris Cannon, while Congressional candidates Mark Hudson and David Perry received 3.1% and 1.5% respectively. Ed McGarr, in the 58th District State House race garnered 29.91% of the vote and was only kept from greatly exceeding that total by a full blown effort by the Utah Republican Party which feared that McGarr might actually win that seat. Through its high caliber candidates and their coordinated campaign effort under the able leadership of Chairman Frank Fluckiger, Utah has seen its membership grow and is on the threshold of electing candidates to office!

Ron Avery, the Constitution Party candidate for Congress in Texas’ 28th Congressional District won 13% of the vote. This can be compared to the 4% of the vote received by recent Libertarian candidate Michael Badnarik, who was that party’s most recent Presidential nominee, despite his pouring hundreds of thousands of dollars into the race in another Texas Congressional District.

John Langville, South Carolina candidate for state representative from the 28th District, received 19.4% of the vote.

The American Constitution Party of Colorado’s efforts resulted in their maintaining ballot access for 2008.

In Illinois Chuck Broy won ballot access in Tazewell County by receiving 6 percent of the votes, while Chairman Randy Stuffleman conducted an estensive write-in campaign for governor.

In Idaho Jared Eastley won 22% of the vote in his race for state senate, while Katherine Frazier and Jaclyn Ann Crooks running for state house positions in three way races, received respectable votes at 3.6% and 3.3% respectively.

In South Dakota, Scott Bartlett received 4.5% of the vote in the 11th State Senate District, while Bill Scott received 8.2% of the vote in the 14th State Senate District. Meanwhile, South Dakota’s candidate for Governor, Steve Willis, outpaced the Libertarian earning third place in that race.

Our Michigan affiliate, the U.S. Taxpayers Party, was once again able to retain their ballot position. Running over 30 candidates, the Michigan party proved the effectiveness of their candidate recruitment efforts.

John Gathings, candidate for State Treasurer, for Nebraska’s Constitution Party affiliate, the Nebraska Party, maintained that party’s ballot position by receiving 124,656 votes for 23.5%.

The American Independent Party in California ran six statewide candidates, and three for U.S. Congress. Gubernatorial candidate Ed Noonan received an impressive 48,672 votes.

Candidates running for the Pennsylvania State House had very good showings. Joe Murphy running in Pennsylvania’s 38th District received 15.9% of the vote, Chris Graham running in the 40th District received 15.3%, and .Janet Serene, running in the 66th District captured 5.7% of the vote in a three way race.

Tom Kovach, of Tennessee’s Constitution Party, ran as a Republican with the full endorsement and support of Tennessee’s Constitution Party in the 5th Congressional District and received 27.9% of the vote in a four way race. Tom is a member of the Constitution Party’s Veterans Coalition Executive Committee.

Mary Starrett, TV personality, conservative talk show host, and the dynamic candidate of the Constitution Party of Oregon for Governor, received 40,271 votes which amounted to 3.6% of the vote, a full percentage point more than the combined vote of the Libertarian and Green Party candidates. She ran against a liberal Republican and a liberal Democrat, and so worried the Republican establishment with her strong campaign that they even attempted to have her removed from the ballot!

Highlighted here are only some of the Constitution Party election results. We were represented by great candidates all across the country. The sacrifice they made in stepping forward and running for office gave them the all-important platform from which to speak out for Constitutional issues. They did a great job representing the Constitution Party and all deserve our gratitude for their tremendous efforts and for a job well done!

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