Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Eye-Opening Rhetoric

Tonight talk show host Glenn Beck is presenting a video to share with Americans what Islamic extemists are teaching their people. I highly recommend watching, there is a lot to pray about out there.

If you don't want to watch an American-edited version of these examples of terrorism-in-the-wings, you can view video examples directly from those in question. I suggest #1307 and #1314 to get you started.

Watch and pray,
fellowe knights.

Sir Chuck of the Watchtower


  1. That sort of thing has always been a big problem. Arguably it was the main problem. Without it the Palestine issue was never as hard to solve as is made out. The Arabs like to say things like "how would you like it if we took Hawaii away from you". In the first place it was taken away from the Turks-as were the Arab states. In the second place Palestine wasn't Hawaii at the time-it was more like taking a few square miles of Alaska away from us. In the third place Arabs do ill to talk of "imperialism". Be that as it may there were injustices done, the typical sort when a wealthy group settles in the same area as a less wealthy one(remember Wal-mart). Some serfs for instance were made homeless after their masters sold their land and some artisans were left out of work because of being out-teched. At the same time the overall increase in wealth benefited a many Arabs as well as Jews. Again Wal-mart. Strikingly simmilar types of strife take place in many parts of the world-one lady who was a Chinese immigrant in the Philipines wrote an interesting-and depressing-book called "World on Fire" about the phenomenon. The problem should be easy to solve-each side can have it's rights arranged with a reasonable degree of justice if every one is willing to give-and-take. And that is what the British thought during the Mandate, and what others continue to think today. Unfortunatly it does not allow for pride.

    Sir Jason

  2. Which video # are you commenting on, Sir Ja?

  3. Did you see the Glenn Beck program? What did you thing?

  4. I never did see the Glen Beck program.
    One thing I wondered. In 1314 the general claims that they have thousands of martyrdom seekers with years of experience in war. Just how hard have they been seeking martyrdom?

    Sir Jason the Amused

  5. 1307 seemed more defensive and less boisterous.
    to be fair this sort of thing was given out to our ancestors a few generations ago. i remember once having among my books one from World War I called, "Our War for Human Rights".
    Also I suppose it might sound better if I was fammiliar with the language. In English it sounds not just like propaganda but rather inelegant propaganda. Most propaganda is of course-it is designed to convince many rather then a few and often appeals to the lowest impulses. However as I understand Arabic is famous for it's poetic and rhetorical ability and a really good rhetorician could probably do well in it.

    Sir Jason

  6. Just how hard have they been seeking martyrdom?


    Sir C