Friday, December 08, 2006

A Bulgarian Angel

Hail, faire brothers and sisters in Christ. Just looking out at the first snow of the year here, and reminiscing about a wonderful trip I took last year to Bulgaria. The picture is of one of the main Orthodox Christian churches in the capital city of Sophia.

A minute or so after snapping this picture, I was walking away from the church, and I noticed a tiny, wrinkled old lady, wrapped in a pitifully thin shawl and gloves. God moved on my heart, I pulled out my wallet and gave her the entire remainder of my Bulgarian currency. Surprised, she looked from the money in my hand to my face in a questioning way...and I distantly heard myself saying, as I pointed to the church, "This is from God. He loves you." Not expecting her to understand, I embarrassedly turned and began to walk away.

Two steps later, I heard a broken, sweet reply. "From...God. You...too." I looked back, and the face I saw had the most beautiful, toothless smile I've ever seen, beneath the gleaming eyes of a 5-year old girl. I had been graced with a visit from one of God's angels.

I remember her now, in this season, for you to consider...if a small baby had not been born in a cold, dark stable some 2,000 years ago, I would not have been so blessed on that day in Sophia. Our blessings spring from that small One, the story of His life among us, and His daily encouragement to millions of believers around the world. In that only can we trust.

May His blessings reach you in a great way this Christmas...

Sir C


  1. Beautiful story, Sir Chuck.

    "...some have entertained angels unawares."

    Sir John

  2. Thanks, Sir John. Your scripture made me think about this. In the little old lady, I saw an angel...perhaps she saw one in me, perhaps the money was an exact amount she had a need for at that time.

    Maybe that's the way it works? Our spirits operate in the heavenly realm, used by God at His command? The closer we stay in communion with Him, the more he uses our spirit, and the more often we are blessed by it being used?

    Makes some sense...maybe. What do you think?

  3. Sir Chuck,

    Interesting idea. I don’t exactly know how that works. We are body, soul, and spirit and I thing the spirit is the part of us that communes with God. Our spirit also seems to reach out immediately to other believers. Did you ever notice that your don’t even have to be told when someone is a Christian, you just seem to know it?

    One time, as a real estate salesman, I was soliciting for houses to list. I went to this one house and the lady came to the door and we talked for a minute about real estate. As I was about to leave she said something like, " You are a Christian aren’t you?" I confessed that I was and she said she could see it in my face. I suppose on one of my poorer days when I was growling at everyone, she might not have been able to make that judgment; I don’t know.

    Another time, I had just been discharged from the Navy and was driving a 1960 Oldsmobile across the U.S. to Portland. Sunday night I got pulled over by some police who thought I might be drunk but when they determined that it was lack of sleep they strongly advice me to get a nights sleep. That was somewhere in North Dakota, I think. The next day I want to church and afterward the Young pastor and his wife invited me home for dinner. I had the best time. It was as if I had known them all my life. I had never seen them before and I haven’t seen them since. I am don’t even know what town that was. What I do remember is the fellowship we shared.

    God's children have a union whenever they meet.

    Sir John, one of the fellows on a ship