Tuesday, December 26, 2006

On worshipping Mother Nature, and the Pursuit of Prosperity

Those who call themselves environmentalists have a problem. And it isn't here in America.

With its white-hot growth outstripping its natural resources, a nation that once was devoted to socialist self-sufficiency has become one of the world's busiest importers. On any given day, Chinese ports receive tin from Bolivia, copper from Zambia, oil from Sudan and timber from Indonesia.

China already consumes more grain, meat, fertilizer, coal, steel, copper, cement and refrigerators than the U.S., by one count. Yet its per capita consumption remains many times lower than America's.

And that is a troubling prospect. If China's 1.3 billion people are to live like Americans, says UCLA geographer Jared Diamond, China would double the global environmental impact and demand on natural resources. In other words, the world would need another Earth.

From the Chicago Tribune, "The Price We Pay for China's Boom"

And the continuance of this trend is already well under way...

Africa: Environmental Impact - More of the Same?

As the world moves ever more quickly toward its human utopia of a cell phone in every pocket, the conflicts over resource usage will continue to grow. Lobbyists will cut deals, well-meaning people will argue incessently, and politicians will implement policies that will only make matters worse. But people will continue to strive to consume more and more.

Peace in Christ will be a great blessing for those who accept it.

Sir Chuck


  1. One thing I always thought was a bit of a flaw in environmentalists is that the veneration of nature must be the veneration of lampreys.

    Sir Jason the Sarcastic

  2. I guarantee you, Sir Ja, out there somewhere is a lamprey-lover who is fighting the cause to have them declared an endangered species.

    Probably someone in Oregon, no doubt...:-)

    Sir C