Thursday, February 22, 2007

Half Empty, Half Full

Here's an excellent discussion between two conservatives on the two sides of President Bush's leadership. Both are informative, well considered, and truthful. Yet they present two starkly different pictures.

Which view do you share, faire knights? Pray before answering...

Sir Chuck, back in the saddle...


  1. To start I rather think that Bush has been quite competant in technique but flawed on communication.

    Sir Jason

  2. Bottum goes to far. Bush simply hasn't shown himself to be incompetant.
    It might be remembered though that Novak is an enthusiast and must be taken with a grain of salt as well.

    Sir Jason

  3. I agree, Sir J. Bottum's claim of incompetence is predicated on his perception on how things will turn out over there, not necessarily on how things are actually evolving aware from the glare of the media or how things will play out ten years from now.

    I like my food slightly salty...


    Sir C