Friday, February 02, 2007

The Bizbuzz of the Law

Sir Jason provides us with this interesting insight on The Law...

Rom 6:7
What shall I say then, is the Law sin? Nay I had not
known sin but by the Law;
Rom 8:2
For ye have not received the spirit of bondage again
unto fear; but you have received the Spirit of
adoption whereby we cry, Abba Father

In the IDF a new recruit is a "bizbuzz", because it is
claimed that his uniform is so well ironed and unworn
that it makes a buzzing sound as he walks. Officers
and Non-coms must be called "Sir." Regulations must be
adhered to. Those that don't get some nasty camp job
like KP or latrine duty. Those that rebel hear the cry
of "Shabbat", which means sabbath day's leave is
lost-the sabbath may have been made for man but
apparently man was made for the IDF. After a while the
word "Shabbat" becomes a word of fear.
The recruits are put through the usual regime of
training including route marches, longer and longer.
In the parachute corps the final phase is ironically
called, "Ascending to Jerusalem". They make an
exhausting climb up the trail to Jerusalem. Those that
make it are given a Galil and a Bible. An odd
combination. But the Bible represents not
self-righteous hubris, but a reminder of the
presumptuousnes of those who misuse the power of life
and death. Then they are given the red berret of the

Once the recruit has completed his training, he is no
longer a bizbuzz. He is treated with respect. He can
even call officers by their first names. He lives on
an informal regime. It is assumed that the recruit has
learned discipline and strength of character and has
no need for the mechanical rituals of basic training.
So it is with the Christian. He is not a bizbuzz but
he has ascended to Jerusalem. God is not merely
"Minister of Defense"(which is literally what Lord of
Hosts means), but he is Abba, Father. The Law has
served it's purpose. We are no longer bisbuzzes.

Sir Jason


  1. Nice photo Sir Chuck-where did you get it?

    Sir Jason the Knowlegeable in Military Trivia

  2. Interesting observation and a good one, illustrating our positions as sons of God.

    I also find it fascinating that modern soldiers are marching up the same hill as David and His army did thousands of years ago. The mountain itself probably has not changed much.

    Sir John

  3. Sir Jason -

    That and many more nice IDF pictures are at

    Sir C

  4. Another thing that can be learn is one I thought of today. A soldier in a prestiegous military institution gains it's glory for free. None of the people in those pictures really conquered Jerusalem, or rescued the hostages at Entebbe. However they have the reputation of those deeds just by being members of the IDF. However in return they are expected to do the duty they are called on from day to day.
    Likewise no member of this forum is really fighting barbarians like the "Knights of the Round Table"-but we take on their memory.
    And none of us really merit grace, but since we have it we are called on to be holy as an act of gratitude.

    Sir Jason the Grateful

  5. Jason,

    Good insight on grace. We don't earn it, yet we try live in such a way that we give glory to the one who died for us.

    Sir John

  6. As a side note, we do say things like "works can't buy your way into heaven a little to glibly sometimes. We might stop and think how many works those are and be grateful to poor Bizzbuzz. That's the sort of thing that we should tremble when we say it.
    St. Paul gets to say that but after all he is the "drill sergeant"-to continue the anology. We are the Bizbuzzes comrades and should pray for him, for if he ultimatly couldn't do it neither could we.
    Grace is certainly gracious. But it cannot be free.

    Sir Jason the Humbled Gentile Believer