Friday, March 16, 2007

The Communist Manifesto?

While we all await the end of the world, it might be worth considering what might happen between now and then. How could society fall apart, as it seems to be, under the same form of society that has held us together for over 200 years? Answer: it couldn't. Meaning, that our society is changing, driven by actual formal changes in our form of government and leadership.

Don't buy it? Check out the 45 goals of the American Communist Party in 1963, as entered into our own Congressional record. (kudos to the Glenn Beck show.)

So, where does this leave us? Hunker down and wait for Christ's coming while evangelizing as many as we can...or should we try to take the country back? If you think so, how could that be done?

Sir Chuck, seeing the Enemy everywhere...


  1. Sir Chuck, seeing the Enemy everywhere...

    General Grant once said that the most valueable lesson he ever learned was that his enemy was as afraid of him as he was of his enemy

    Sir Jason

  2. Excellent observation, Sir Jason. The same goes for strong Christian leaders...they quote scripture to chase the devil through the overwhelming power of Christ.

    Now, if we could get the same type of secular leadership. But comparing the 45 points to our current situation, it's clear the enemy is among us, and may have the upper hand. So, how do we find a route to higher ground against a larger force? Or do we hit the road out of Moscow as Napoleon did?

    Sir C, sitting in the Kremlin surrounded by Kutuzov's forces...

  3. Sir C, sitting in the Kremlin surrounded by Kutuzov's forces...
    Actually you're Kutuzov. Everyone was betting on Napolean and Kutuzov won because he had strengths Napolean didn't make enough allowance for.

    Sir Jason