Thursday, March 01, 2007

Illegal Immigrants - The debate continues, or does it?

Of all the political issues we Americans debate these days, the illegal immigration issue on our southern border seems to be the most difficult to frame in biblical perspective, because of all its nuances. We've had that discussion before here at the Round Table, without reaching a satisfying conclusion. But it was the second most discussed posting of the one-hundred and twenty we've had, only barely behind our discussion of The DaVinci Code.

So, we don't have to open that can of worms again, unless ye will it. But two recent items circulated by the Constitution Party caused me to reconsider what the reality of the situation really is. First was this article by the 2004 CP Vice-presidential candidate, discussing the active role of the seated government in the "exponential increase" of illegal immigration. Then there was this article, discussing an interesting debate over issue of flying a UN flag in a US state.

I read in these two articles an interesting parallel. That is, these two topics both foreshadow an increased de-valuation of the sovereignty of the United States of America, in favor of either a North American Union on the one hand, or a satellite state of the UN on the other.

Twenty years ago these concepts would have been preposterous in all but the most advanced of Illuminati circles. Now, I propose to you, one or the other is almost a foregone conclusion. Why do I say that? Because, note the leadership of the resistance in these two articles. The Constitution Party! Who are they? Where are the Democrats and Republicans in their outrage? Nowhere to be found. That tells me, either the CP is a soon-to-be major political party, or the evolution of America into a colony of the One World Government is a done deal.

Which do you think it is?

Sir Chuck, hopefully riding for The Other World Government


  1. Chuck,

    You probably won't be surprised at what I'll say.

    Regarding the immigrants--if they are more likely to come to Christ in the US, I'm for it; if they are more likely to come to Christ in Mexico, I'm against it.

    US/North American Union--so what? It's earthly kingdom stuff that has been going on since time began. Did Egypt merging with Libya destroy it? I dunno. I'm trying to care less about earthly stuff, and I think I'm getting there.:)

  2. US/North American Union--so what?
    Would you say that about your mother-she's "earthly kingdom stuff too"

    Sir Jason the abrupt

  3. I apoligize for my discourteous remark sir knights.

    Sir Jason

  4. By the way Sir Chuck, Republicans are often most outraged at illegal immigration. But the reason they are not outraged at the UN is that they laugh at the UN.

    Sir Jason

  5. Paul: No one can accuse you of being a double-minded man, and that is, of course, a good thing. And hard to avoid, by the way, for an intellectual, right? :-)

    Sir Jason: Indignation understandable. As for the Republicans, I followed the link on the link and looked at the scorecards...only 1/3 of the Republicans had voted consistently (more than 80% of the time) for the proposed legislation for restricting the flow of illegals. So some are with you, but most are straddling the fence, or worse. Most surprising, John McCain is one of the most liberal voters on the immigration debate, voting against restrictions 75% of the time. In this respect, he's right with President Bush. What's up with that, do you think?

  6. God bless Texas.....

    Chuck, you need to come back and we'll reform the Republic! :^)

    All Knights welcome.

    sir don.....
    Knight of the Golden Horseshoe

  7. Hey, that sounds great, Don.

    Seriously, though, one might foresee another secessionist movement in the next 20-30 years, wouldn't you think?

    No way the US government would fire on Fort Sumter (or the Alamo, Bourbon Street, Vicksburg, Beale Street, the Redneck Riviera, Talladega, or Atlanta, for that matter) nowadays...some illegal immigrants might get hurt.

    Sir Chuck