Friday, March 02, 2007

Magazine publisher accepts Christ, leaves homosexual lifestyle

As much as we relished the inspiring testimony of Tony Dungy this past Super Bowl, this one casts an even more hopeful note. It's always inspiring when a sinner of many years casts off the chains of that sin with an acceptance of Christ. For some categories of sin, it doesn't seem to happen very often, and homosexuality is one of those. It's difficult for those of us not affected in this area to relate to it, or to understand how to witness to those caught in it. And sometimes it seems hopeless, given the blatant pride in the sin that so many of its adherents proclaim.

So it is another sign of hope in these times when we hear of one so well-positioned to testify to those lost in this area of Hell. Let us lift up sister Charlene Cothran in prayer, and petition Our Lord to strengthen her for the battle to which she is now committed.

And let us pray that it is indeed another sign and wonder for us, the weak in faith, that His time is near.

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