Monday, March 26, 2007

The Road to Chomesh

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Further update, 3/27...More pictures here, and a nice blog posting from Jameel to cap it off...

Update, 3/27...Pictures of the walk, courtesy of A7 via The Muqata...

FYI, 3/27...I should have mentioned, but failed to, that the walk was being made for the Jewish holiday of Pesach, or Passover. Yes, that Passover. Here is an interesting glimpse of how Pesach is observed these days.

Original post...Covered apparently only by bloggers, several thousand Jewish settlers and supporters spent today traveling to Chomesh, one of four villages destroyed two years ago under international pressure. Their march to retain moral right to the land is apparently not popular, even in Israel where the marchers appear to be marginalized as the "religious right". Sound familiar to ye knights of the Round Table?

For a sense of what had happened to Chomesh since its destruction, read this excellent blog post by a recent visitor. And keep an eye on The Muqata as Jameel keeps us posted on the events of the day. It is not hard to sympathize with the Jewish settlers, as God's Word supports their right to dwell in the land of David, as a component of their special and mystical covenant with Him. The world is against them; that alone should tell us where our loyalties lie.

Sir Chuck, on the Spiritual Road to Chomesh


  1. Just a side comment; Pesach (Passover) starts this coming Sunday evening (April 1rst at sundown)...the march would not have taken place on the holiday itself, since it involves "work" which is forbidden on holidays and Shabbat.

  2. since it involves "work" which is forbidden on holidays and Shabbat.

    That's one observance I could get used to! But, is blogging work? :-0

    Sir Chuck, the Sunday blogger