Thursday, April 19, 2007

Alan Keyes at the 'War on Christians' Conference

I had vaguely heard of Alan Keyes, but was not familiar with his background and stance on issues. I was surprised to find his name listed on a poll of presidential candidate preferences by the Constitution Party. So, before voting in the poll, I googled the candidates, and found this pleasantly surprising speech of Mr. Keyes.

In response to those who might promote a politically-disengaged brand of Christianity, Mr. Keyes concludes his speech thus...

If we truly believe, if we will truly act in love, then let it be the caritas that cares not just for our salvation, but cares as the Lord told us to care. He didn't just say, "Go, and convert individuals." He said, "Go, and teach all nations."

When we show up before the gates of our eternal home, we are therefore enjoined by Christ to do as He did when He walked along the beaches of the Sea of Galilee. We will be known not just by the fact that we are there, but by all of the people and all of the nations that come home when we come home.

And this is our prayer, is it not? That we shall find in that moment of truth before our Father, God, that we have come home to Him, brothers and sisters, standing in the midst of a great throng of blest humanity that will include amongst all the others not just the people but the blazoned emblem of this nation that we love.

This is our prayer. This is our hope. And if we are willing, with hearts filled with the love of sacrifice, to walk the walk and stand for the truth in our vote, in our articulation, in our leadership and followership, then this prayer shall be answered. And in the truest sense of all that, before the throne of our God, America will be free.

I find that somewhat inspirational...

Sir Chuck


  1. Keyes is right, "Democracy" is a tool for obtaining justice, it is not justice itself. Unless there are other things in society Democracy can be another source of tyranny.
    For instance there were no military dictatorships* or police states before there were Democracies. The reason for that is that such things are the result of failed attempts at democracy. Democracy demands of it's citizens a type of discipline that other forms do not demand. That discipline includes the demand that everyone "play by the rules".
    Which to bring up another point, is why those who demand that we be "liberated" from this "taboo" or that "taboo" are often being pigheaded. A societies customs are a way it controls itself, and also controls the state.
    Of course in the case of the Muslim convert custom was wrong and the state was right. Which also shows that institutions must not only support each other but watch each other.

    *rule by a military bureucracy that is-rule by a warrior caste was almost universal for many an age-but it wasn't quite the same as a "military dictatorship" as we think of it.

    Sir Jason