Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Christianity and the Problem of Existence

OK, I know that sounds a little deep for a humble Christian soldier. That's why I didn't write on it... but Brad at 21st Century Reformation did. And what a job he does...

He puts forward a thesis that the key to solving the sin problem is to solve the subjective experience of alienation from God and not just the objective reality of alienation from God. And to test the thesis, he examines the different approaches of conservative evangelicals and charismatic evangelicals. Makes for a quite interesting comparison and he handles it quite well, I think (from my viewpoint of someone who has encountered God in both modes.)

Great post, excellent discussion comments, and the rest of his blog is equally high quality. I'll add 21st Century Reformation to our links on the right, and keep watch for future thoughts deep enough to drown in...

Sir Chuck

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