Friday, April 13, 2007

Friday the 13th

Well, you know what today is. If you're a regular reader of the Round Table, then you're probably not too concerned. However, there are a lot of folks out there who are treading lightly today, watching out for some form of bad luck to occur to them.

I haven't watched the Friday the 13th movies, so I'm not watching for a slasher, or chain-saw murderer, or whatever that series offered. Nor am I caught up in Christian superstition that Christ was crucified on a Friday, just after the Last Supper that supposedly had 13 at the table. But, in my mind, Friday the 13th is a reminder of an unprecedented arrest, that of all the Knights Templar in France by King Philip IV on Friday, October 13th of 1307. Their imprisonment, torture, and executions ended the Order on a somewhat sour note; and the historical ramifications of that act were probably huge, since the Knights had created the world's first banking system. Had it been allowed to grow, who knows how different the world might be today.

Some claim that the remnants of the Order live on, perhaps in the Swiss banking establishment, the Free Masons, or the Illuminati. It makes for fun reading and conjecture. But no doubt the influence of the Knights Templar is a mere shadow of what it might have been if not for that Friday the 13th, 700 years ago.

And what of future Fridays of doom? Well, how about Friday the 13th, 2029? That ought to be an interesting day, if we're still all here...

Sir Chuck, searching the skies...

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