Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The World of Christianity 101

Paul at Beside the Point has posted on this very enlightening article from the Pew Forum. Great reading, leaving much to ponder...

Sir Chuck

An Addendum on the author, Philip Jenkins, and his newest book...


  1. "Whenever I'm trying to explain the growth of Christianity in these cities, the analogy I use is Hamas in Gaza, and what it does in terms of providing social facilities people can't get anywhere else. Those are often the functions the church is providing in Christian Third World cities. "
    Oh for heaven's sake-couldn't he have chosen St Benedict as an anology?

    Actually in places like that the best organized institution wins by default because there is little organization elsewhere. "big fish-little pond".
    In the same way Hudson's Bay ruled over Oregon and for the same reason.

    Sir Jason

  2. Guess he could have, but how many would relate to the analogy? If it didn't happen in the last year or so, no one remembers.

    But yeah, that analogy seems inappropriate...but remember, he's an Episcopalian, and it fits their social theology.