Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Half-Full Viewpoint...

Ok, in tribute to Sir Jason who humbled my pathetic viewpoint on the last post, here's a spokesman who succinctly states a viewpoint that Sir Ja more strongly supports!

(Warning, Strong Language - it's General Patton, after all!)

Sir Chuck, the vanquished

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  1. Great movie. But Patton's views didn't EXACTLY correspond to mine either.

    "He too will be destroyed. The absense of war will kill him. The pure warrior. A magnificient anachronism..."-German analyst

    "I do this job because I've been trained to. You do it because-you love it."-Bradley

    "The entire world at war and I'M left out of it...?"-Patton

    German Headquarters:
    "The American's have captured Palermo"-German flunky
    "XXXX"-German Senior Officer"

    British Headquarters:

    "Sir, Patton's taken Palermo"-British flunky

    Sir Jason the lover of good Cinema

    Sir Jason