Friday, July 06, 2007

JoeSettler: The Evil that is “Peace Now”

Joe Settler relays this story from The Front, and his tone well conveys the exasperation those good people have as they struggle to enrich their lives and heritage. The source of his irritation is this story in Ha'aretz. Of all the aspects that diplomacy encompasses, the grinding of innocent people beneath its wheels, on both sides of the road, is the most insidious. The diplomats justify their livelihood as they have always..."the greater good..."

Wish they would let God take care of that.

Sir Chuck


  1. To be fair, no government in the world can avoid "greater good" sorts of judgements. It is rather like that old thing in sea stories about, "flood the compartments..." "but their's people trapped" "but the ship will sink"
    Government is in a way one big end justifying means. In a way the way to look on it is

    some ends justify some means
    some ends don't justify any means
    some means can never be justified.

    Part of being a ruler is knowing that sometimes whatever decision is made, someone will be hurt.

    In this case though one might wonder whether "greater good" enters into the question. It is obvious that peace of the type people demand is impossible there.

    Sir Jason

  2. "It is obvious that peace of the type people demand is impossible there."

    Certainly so, with diplomatic "solutions" constantly changing the rules, the border, and the priorities. Don't you think they could do a little better over there without the "leaders" continually stirring the pot?

    Sir C

  3. Actually you'r probably right Chuck. Much of this is more from the desire to be seen to be "doing something" even when there is nothing to be done and much is counterproductive.

    Sir Jason

  4. By the way I actually mentioned this problem of power in one of my stories on myspace "songofhope by Jason Taylor". I didn't give an answer there but I did show the difficulties.

    Empire's End-1947

    The air was tense amid the streets of Jerusalem. One could almost taste the gathering storm of war.Asher sat down at a small cafe. A man sat down beside him. Asher looked up, "So your the new Chief of Station." Lord Wilburford replied, "It was inevitable. No man knows the Levent as well as I"Asher replied, "I guess that means will be adversarys."Lord Wilberford said," I have my duty to my King and you have your duty to your faction...Asher interupted, "Country..."Lord Wilberford replied, "Polidisstat". "WHAT?", asked Asher.Lord Wilburford replied, "Polidisstat-Political Organization of Disputed Status. As everything is in acronyms nowadays I thought this would fit. Anyway I hope the vageries of politics won't prevent our friendship."Asher said, "No man of good will would wish that...".

    Then Asher said, " You people are betting on the wrong horse. The Arabs have all their wealth and population but the Yishuv has been preparing for this for years. The people here have no where to go. And the Arab's think war is camel rustling, but we have people who were at Stalingrad and Kursk."Lord Wilberford replied, "We have our reasons..."Asher said, "You mean oil..."Lord Wilberford said, "Don't say that so scornfully. Oil is the Royal Navy and without the Royal Navy you would not have survived."Asher replied angrily, "A lot of us didn't survive..."Lord Wilberford said, "Aye. And there's not much I can say about that. But that's not why were here."

    Asher said,"Very well. I'll make the first 'bid'. Did you know that three of your top analysts have been taking money from the Russians?" Lord Wilberford asked, "You can corroberate this?"Asher handed him an envelope. He said, "We had agents tailing them because we thought they were taking pay from the Arab's. Instead it turned out to be the Russians. I'm not asking you to believe me because of my 'sweet little self' naturally. If you check it out you will find I am right" Lord Wilberford said, "And you will have proved that you have no love for the Russians?" Asher replied, "No less. What have you got?" Lord Wilberford said, "Alright, we found that the Grand Mufti's Lieutenant is stealing from his supply of arms. It is believed he wishes to set up on his own". Asher said, "You couldn't know that-unless you have a man inside the Mufti's organization."Lord Wilburford said, "The Mufti is not as smart as he thinks. We have several men insidehis organization. And so do you by the way."Asher replied, "Don't worry your secret's safe."Lord Wilberford said, "I'll be glad to retire. I've been at this business to long-even longer then you. You know I envy you. You came over here to fight for a cause which attracts imaginationand devotion. But I fight for a cause too. I have spent forty years keeping a lid on things-keeping people, people like you, from killing each other. Now many do not love what I do, and indeed thereare a lot of things about the Empire that are unlovable. But as long as it was here it did it's job and let quietfolk sleep in peace. I don't expect you to understand now but one day you might. I hope you folk win because I know what's going to happen if you lose-I've seen it in other places. However if you do win you will be in my place, doing what I used to do, and hopeing the results will round off to the good. Just remember, it isn't that easy.

    The two are talking from different perspectives. Lord Wilberford is the professional imperialist who spent his whole life keeping a lid on things. Asher is the partisan fighting for "the lost cause that finally won".

    People from Lord Wilberford's background are trained to think of people like Asher as disruptive and people like Asher habitually think of people like Lord Wilberford as cynical. Both in a way had a point-survival for everyone depended on the Royal Navy, but how much was to be paid? In any case the English officer knew perfectly well that it would be stupid to argue.

    Sir Jason the Yarn spinner

  5. Oh and by the way-I am not either justifying or condoning this particular incident. I am more defending the profession of statecraft.

    Sir Jason