Friday, July 27, 2007

Let's Roll!

The Christian Post today reported an enlightening and tragic side-story of the Iraq War. Entitled "Iraq Church Head: Christian Plight Worse Than Reported", the story goes into some detail about the plight of the few Christians left in Iraq. The problem? Even though the international coalition is doing its best to restore civil order in the country, the Christians have been essentially left to fend for themselves...and the consequences have been disastrous.
White, who noted that his church members are not only Anglicans but Christians from many different denominations, reported that within only the last month, 36 of his own congregants have been kidnapped. To date, only one has been returned after the church gathered the money for his ransom.

Moreover, White and other Iraqi witnesses spoke about the situation in Dora, Iraq, where over the past few months all Christians have been forced to abandon their homes and flee after receiving systematic death threats. In addition, almost all the churches in Dora have been bombed and burnt.
Apparently, the Coalition effort to provide security and other aid does not include the tiny Christian minority. There has been little call or priority in the war efforts there to provide for protection of these Christians.
“One of the major problems faced by the Christians is their link to the Coalition,” said White.

Yet so far, “the Coalition has failed the Christians.”

“Nothing has been provided as far as I have known,” said the Anglican priest. “None of the Christians I have seen has ever received any help. We have huge needs.”

White called on the international community to provide Christians and other minorities security, food and water, and the ability to worship.
I found an article linked on the news story to be sadly ironic. "Music Fans Rally Up 9,000 Bibles for Iraq's Persecuted Christians" Over $88,000 collected to send Bibles? Well-meaning, but certainly misguided at this point of their tribulation. Perhaps they need food, and money that could be used to buy their safety, if the Coalition forces aren't going to help them.

It's essential to be a spiritual Christian, but sometimes we just have to be pragmatic and respond to our brothers' needs, not just want we want to share with them. Come on, fellow Christians, let's roll!

Sir Chuck, back in the saddle....

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