Thursday, July 05, 2007

A Muslim Christian Cleric?

Just when you thought it was as confusing as it could get, along comes another head-shaker. From Dr. Albert Mohler's blog comes a revelation provided by Rev. Ann Holmes Redding of Seattle that she has been enlightened to the point of being both a Muslim and a Christian. Dr. Mohler's comments seem to stand as sufficient to put the matter at rest, but it looks like this won't be the last we hear of this trend.
"Her bishop, the Rt. Reverend Vincent Warner of Seattle, says that Rev. Redding's declaration that she is both a Christian and a Muslim to be exciting in terms of interfaith understanding."

There we have it, a new frontier of interfaith understanding. How more ways than one.

Sir Chuck, once again checking my rapture ticket


  1. They do still teach the Law of Non-contradiction at school don't they?

    Sir Jason

  2. No way. For two concepts to contradict, they have to be objective claims with certain absolute points of reference. As we now know in our enlightened state, no such concepts could possibly have validity.

    Sir Chuck, the Enlightened

  3. In any case that is not "interfaith bonding"- that is insulting both faiths simultaneously. The Pluralistic Heresy is as much contempt as "tolerance".
    And one wonders what Moslem worth his Turkish coffee, would find this arrangement pleasing. At least with the normal approach the possibility of being wrong is also the possibility of being right. This way claims to say that neither is wrong or right but is really saying that both are to stupid to be worth examining. At least Salidin was a worthy foe.

    Sir Jason