Thursday, August 16, 2007

The End of Time

Well, as Scotland and Republica del Norte dream and plan for their independence, the reality of impending prophecy bearing down on us all makes those efforts seem kind of un-important. You may have heard that the ancient Mayan Long Calendar predicts the end of time at winter solstice of 2012...did you also know that ancient Catholic prophecy seems to agree with that timing, and that Pope Benedict is the last pope, a false prophet that is leading the Catholic church into acceptance of the next, the Antichrist? And that Talmudic Jews will accept this Catholic Antichrist as their Saviour? Well, read about it all here, or buy this book and read about it in more detail (good review here). And then seek the Word of Our Lord in your meditation. Whether these be accurate prophecy or ridiculous ravings, we should think about these things, and let the Lord guide our ways...

Sir Chuck


  1. No man knows the day or the hour.

    Sir Jason

  2. Yes, I too thought of that right off. But, then, I thought, even with all these signs pointing to very similar time frames, we are still left wondering, without certainty. Ok, it's not going to be 12-21-12 (because so many will be looking to the sky on that day). But what about the day after, or the day after that? Or three months before?

    Sir C, thinking of spiritual preparations

  3. Date setting has always resulted in dissappointment for the date setters and ridicule for Christians by unbeleivers.

    Also, who would we look to a heathan culture for any kind of guidance? The bible tell us to live each day for Him. He will take care of the schedule.

    Sir John, living day by day.