Wednesday, August 01, 2007

L.O.S.E. Ten Commandments for Evangelical Leaders in Politics

Here's an excellent tongue-in-cheek prescription for Christian involvement in politics. John Mark Reynolds has captured the essence of what is necessary for us to remain "holier-than-thou" Christians, and not dirty ourselves with the problems of the world...

Sir Chuck, riding with a new band of :-)

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  1. Amusing, most amuseing.

    Actually of course the proper position to take is in between. It is possible to love ones country and ones God at the same time. It is true God that is not registered as a Republican or a Democrat-at least he is not as far as I know registered in the membership list of either party. He is registered by the Procurator's Office of a small border protectorate in the Eastern Mediterranean. However those records are probably lost and may give little about his political affiliation, the Procurator's office being somewhat indifferent as long as the subjects obey the Emperor. It is likly that many of the people around at that time and place would be more likely to be Republicans though.

    Levity aside it is true that God does not belong to either party. He might at a given time find the positions of one party more attractive then the other. In any case it is worth remembering that if the other party happens to be wrong at one time we should be merciful as we might be wrong at another. And that is something those from both parties should remember.

    Sir Jason