Thursday, August 02, 2007

Most Interesting Website of the Day

I don't know what a Shabab Christian is, but they've got the neatest masthead graphic I've seen on the web. Drag your mouse across!

Then watch the takes you around the world to somewhere...if you figure out where, please let me know.

Sir Chuck, lost in web space....


  1. They seem to be related to the Coptic Church, a group of Christians in Egypt. What I am not sure of is whether they are real or a cult.

    Were they somehow involved in the Da Vinci Code?

    Sir John

  2. All, well, Coptics are pretty good Christians, at least by the way they act. I think they're more closely related to the Eastern Orthodox faith, but I'm just guessing. They are suffering through really bad persecution in Egypt...I regularly talked with a gas station owner there in Gresham who was a Coptic refugee, a great guy, and a really strong believer in Christ.

    If they were involved in the DaCode, I don't know about it, since I never read it...perhaps someone else can clarify?

    Sir C

  3. If I remember they are decended from Christians stranded in Ethiopia when the Moslem conquests came. They survived all this time because, of course camels can't climb anymore then mules can cross a dessert.

    Sir Jason

  4. it is mean christian youth in egypt


    The Forum by English
    and now sanata close (baba nuel) speak in arabic say merry christmas

  5. Copts are descended from the St. Mark, one of the evangilists, and the ancient Egyptians people. The believe in Jesus Christ, Son of God, and they don't accept what was mentioned in Da Vinci Code. They are Orthodox believers and their pope is called H.H.Pope Shenouda III, and he is descended of St. Athanasios the Apostolic.