Monday, September 10, 2007

A Christian on the Bin Laden Message

And while referring to excellent posts, I have to include this essay from John Mark Reynolds at The Scriptorium. A portion...
The most serious problem with his reasoning is that bin Laden confuses his every thought with the will of God.

Osama writes as if he has authority, but other than the cult of his personality he has none. Osama speaks as if he represents an institution, but he is the leader of no state and of no people. He has no title recognized by any historic entity. He is an isolated man with his sorry followers defying authority and the way the world is as if he, and not the Almighty, were the lord of history.
Never have I seen the bin Laden persona and motive painted in a clearer picture, and contrasted better with the truer motives of those who fight against him and his band of deluded demons. Mr. Reynolds titled this essay as Part 1 of 6, and we look forward to those five additional installments.

Sir Chuck


  1. Not a bad piece. Keep in mind the word "true-er". Not true, "true-er". Those who think their side does no wrong just because the other is more wrong doom themselves to dissillusionment. However I think you probably know that.

    Sir Jason

  2. Who knows. Maybe, God, in His great mercy, will bring Osoma to repentance.

    Sir John