Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Day Four - Work

Not too much exciting today...spent the whole day in conference. Have to work tonight, after getting a bite to eat. But I saved a couple of pictures of Finnish wildlife for a slow day like this...

First, a red squirrel. Sir Jason, don't we have these in Portland? I remember cat squirrels distinctly, but not sure about reds.

Next, a really eye-catching bird with a great literary history. But I had never seen a magpie until I chased one around a park, trying to get a picture. They're smart...he got behind a bush, and whichever way I stepped, he went the other way. And finally flew off before I got a shot. So, I settled for this picture of his cousin Homer, who wasn't so lucky with his freedom (or so smart, apparently.)

And finally, I discovered where they got the original idea for that classic 70's movie "The Night of the Lepus". They have these big bunnies up here, called brown hares, that make a Texas jackrabbit look like a guinea pig. Now we know why they were in so many fairy don't tend to forget about them, once you've seen one.

This one's ears came to above my knees. I'd like to see one of these square off against a dachshund.

Well, hope all in the good old USA is still good and old. Gotta hit the paperwork tonight, but I'll be touring bio-energy projects tomorrow, and should bring back some good pictures. See you then...

Sir Chuck, the Hare Slayer

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  1. Squirrels are splendid creatures always coming down and lurking about the streets filled with cats, dogs, humans, and cars(most humans are indifferent or friendly but they don't know that)for a drink of water. Rather reminds me of Venetian Merchants or Yankee traders prowling far away places filled with strange people.

    Sir Jason