Sunday, September 02, 2007

Day One - Helsinki Airport

Well, after a seven-hour flight through seven time zones, I arrived in the capital of Finland, Helsinki. Much to my chagrin, I discovered I had a 9-hour layover here. If I were more adventurous, and my pocketbook were deeper, I might stumble out into the rain to look around. But the scenery here is on the dreary side today, so I just paid my 4 Euros (about 6 bucks, I think) to log onto the wireless internet connection here in the airport for an hour. After that time is up, I'll find a nice hard bench somewhere and read three or four Dickens' novels.

This first picture gives you an idea of the weather. The trees in the distance are across the runway, and if you think they appear short, you're right. They look to be pines and spruce, about 30-40 feet high.

This next picture is a neat old airplane they have hanging in the lobby. Looks kind of fun, if not exactly real reliable. You had to be a little daring in those days, I think.

The inside of the airport resembles a strip mall, filled with great boutiques that my darling Lynda would love. I must be having conversion problems, because most of the items are marked several hundred Euros...for instance, a leather satchel for 660 Euros, which I thought to be about $900 US. That couldn't be right, could it?

The ladies items are similarly priced...darn, Lynda, if you could only be here with me you could go crazy here!

You know you're in a cold place when the airport has radiators everywhere. Here's a picture of them underneath the viewing windows. The toilet stalls also have radiators in them, which I guess is nice for warming the buns. (No picture available.)

Ah, a reindeer! Now that's what I was expecting! Although this guy is a little smaller than I expected...I think Penny and Lily would have a pretty good time riding him around. No Comet-size reindeers around...I guess they know better than to come into the airport lobby.

Well, my time on the wireless is about up, so I'll have to post and run. Tonight I fly into Jyvaskyla, and I'll try to get out about the town and take some pictures of the local yokels. Hopefully I'll have internet in the hotel. If so, I'll be talking to you tomorrow!

Sir Chuck, Adventurer of the Great Northlands...


  1. Hey sir Chuck! this is your family! It sounds like you are having a great time!! we miss you and love you! any time you want to take us to Helsinki to go shopping is perfectly OK! love you!

  2. Hey, Sir Chuck's Family! Love you guys too!

    Had a good breakfast, free with hotel room. Cereal, cold meats, cheese, cottage cheese, fruit, OJ, and best of all, pickled herring! I loaded up!

    Well, out to look around...

    Sir Chuck