Monday, September 10, 2007

Fred Thompson Announces his Candidacy for President

Another candidate enters the race for our president.

He stands on "First Principles": that 1) the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution are not outdated documents; that 2) our basic rights are given from God, not the government; and 3) that the power of the government should be divided, not only at the federal level, but between the states and federal bodies as well. These First Principles, he says, lead him to the following beliefs: the positive impact of lower taxes, free markets, and fair competition; the sanctity of life and of private property.

Well stated, clearly communicated, and definitely different that the other candidates. Listening to his speech gave me a remembrance of what strong Americans used to stand for. But can a strong American win a national vote, in this day and age of diplomacy and globalism?

Sir Chuck

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