Saturday, September 01, 2007

Seeking the Ghost of Mannerheim

I'm leaving today for Finland, that stoic, cold land of Marshal Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim. Officially off to attend a conference on bio-energy, my spirit will be seeking to understand the Finn, and maybe get a snapshot of a good statue or two. I'll be in Jyvaskyla, which is somewhere in central Finland, a couple hours north of Helsinki. That will put me at about the same latitude as Iceland, and tells me that it will be around 50 and rainy there all week (ah, Portland weather all over again!)

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I'll try to live blog from there to share my thoughts as I seek history and possibly, the future. If I'm unable to access Blogger, I'll save the photos and tell you about it when I get back.

I'm looking forward to being free of US politics for a week.

See you down the road...

Sir Chuck of the Friendly Skies...


  1. Good luck. I wouldn't mind going myself.

    Sir Jason

  2. Wish you were here, Sir Jason. No doubt we could get into some interesting adventures.

    I'll try to share as best I can...

    Sir Chuck