Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Last Supper Up Close and Personal

If you are an art connoisseur, you'll love this web site of The Last Supper in Detail. Takes a while to get the full resolution, but patience will enable you to view the painting as if you were standing just inches in front of it, with a magnifying glass!

Interesting source of contemplation...

Sir Chuck


  1. "...The Last Supper..." is a heated discussion only among non-Christo-Centrics...right..!

  2. I know that some claim that the person without the beard to the left of Jesus is Mary Magdalene, thus supporting the myth that Jesus was married to her. However, the person is actually John, believed to be a young man too young to have a beard.

    Sir John

  3. Speaking of art, in the roof of the Sistine Chapal Michalangelo painted scenes of great clerical officials being herded into hell. That doesn't seem a happy thought-the doom of anyone cannot really be happy. But it had a very good point. It meant that the Church acknowledes that in being the caretaker of sinners it by definition cannot perfect and sometimes evil people creep in. It makes it easier to respect the Church.
    The Protestant caricuture of Catholics as tyrants and decievers isn't all wrong but isn't all right-like most caricutures. The idea of a monarchial church(even a constitutional monarchy like it is today)really goes against scripture, and the Catholics have done evil things if only because they had the power to do so. That said, they are also humble enough to recognize that they are sinners.
    Michelangelo wasn't being a "dissident"-in the modern fashion of romanticized rebellion. He was showing what the spirit of the Church should be, and the Church establishment accepted that-even then because they knew he was right. No totalitarian tyranny in the modern sense would admit it's sins.

    Sir Jason