Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Resistance is Futile

I recently found this blog site report on the difference between the reported situation in Iraq and the situation on the ground. If reports like this could be made more generally available, perhaps the US populace could have a more positive outlook on the possibility of long-term peace in the region for our sacrifices there.

It seems like the more news we have, the harder it is to have the news.

Sir Chuck


  1. To be fair, in this type of war it even harder to tell what is happening. And of course things do see-saw. In any case right now things seem to be going better.
    One difficulty is that we won't likely know when we win in a dramatic fashion. We will know when insurgency is reduced to random and petty banditry. In other words when the news forgets about Iraq we have won the campaign.

    Sir Jason

  2. Realistic way to put it, Sir J...

  3. This is a real answer to prayer, peace in Iraq. We need to keep praying.