Monday, February 11, 2008

One to think about...

Well, one to end the night on. Think I'll go pray about it and see what He shares with me...

Sir Chuck


  1. Of course Jesus would have washed Ben-laden's feet if he met him on a social occasion. Just as he would have done with the Publicans and Sinners.
    However the funny thing no one ever seems to notice. Jesus was not the Procurator.
    It is the curious habit of pacifist Christians to derive their theology only from selected parts of the gospels and to throw out the entire rest of the Bible. If the painter means we should pray for Ben-laden's salvation, why yes he is right. However that is usually not what is meant in works of that kind.

    Sir Jason

  2. Of course Jesus would have washed Ben-laden's feet if he met him on a social occasion.

    I don't think I agree, Sir Jason. After praying on it that evening, my first thoughts the next morning were:

    1) Jesus didn't go around randomly washing people's feet..he chose the Last Supper moment for an object lesson to impress clearly in the disciples minds the spirit of their future service to His kingdom.

    2) The disciples were believers, not deniers, of Jesus and His kingdom. And in fact, we know Jesus "served" non-believers, but only those that were seeking the kingdom. He treated blatant deniers quite differently...

  3. The foot washing was to demonstrate to the disciples the humble spirit that a church leader should have.

    If Ben-Laden were to repent and become a faithful member of some church, the picture might actually apply.

    If he does not repent, Christ will judge him at the great white throne judgment and he will cast into the lake of fire.

    Sir John, just musing.

  4. Chuck, I totally agree with what you said.