Saturday, March 15, 2008

Archbishop Found Dead in Iraq

Another sad story in the evolving history of Iraq. The worldly struggle is once again demonstrated to us for our prayer and consideration.

But consider also, dear members of the Round Table, two sides of the spiritual war for the souls of believers that was perfectly illustrated by two consecutive reader comments:

"I am so outraged over this, it is burning me inside out. I am fed up with tolerating these cowardly acts daily. I say let us bring back the Crusades, I am ready!"

"In Indonesia, these things happen a lot of times - and the churches always respond by love and forgiveness, because that is the way LORD JESUS taught us to follow. In Indonesia, wherever servant of the Lord is murdered, the churches grow and prosper. This is because the Lord works in mysterious way[s] and cannot be comprehended by man. Now, Mosul is the last major bastion of Al Qaidah in Iraq and there is a lot of foreign jihadists around, they all are living on borrowed time."

The real war is this one in the spiritual realm. The first commentator, he who would violently react in hatred, is fuel for Satan's devices. The second is living in the confidence of Our Lord's Ways. Both believe in Christ, but one is demonstrating more faith. Faith...not war, nor political compromises, nor religious capitulation, is the road to true peace.

Sir Chuck


  1. JPost:

    Do you support decision to allow German Chancellor Merkel to address Knesset in German?
    1 Yes, it signifies closure and growth 73%
    2 No, why offend Holocaust survivors? 27%
    TOTAL VOTES: 519
    View Previous Poll Results

    Apparently forgiveness is not unknown.

    Sir Jason