Saturday, March 15, 2008

Jesus Entering the Gates of the Heart

On this Palm Sunday weekend, take a few minutes to view this video from an Arabic Christian television call-in show, and consider...

The emotion of this moment must be typical of the torment that repressed spirits go through when Our Lord begins to enter where he has been forbidden by the laws of man. Thus it must have been so for so many on that wondrous day so many years ago when Jesus rode through the gates of Jerusalem under the eyes of so many unbelievers. While we envision the joy of the believers waving the palms, this video helps remind us of those so many others who must have wanted to believe, but were held back by fear of the authorities or their family.

Let us greatly admire the hosts of this show in their gentle and loving treatment of the caller, and their wisdom in exercising the power of the Holy Spirit through their prayers. In the same power, let us pray for these men, that their ministry will thrive, for their personal protection, and for the souls of their viewers, that they may be reached.

Thanks to brother Paul at Beside the Point for bringing this video to our attention.

Sir Chuck

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