Monday, June 09, 2008

Austria - Day One

Update: OK, posting a few pictures now...these are in the lobby of the Parkhotel Schoenbraun...

Well, the ride over was long. Bad weather in DC caused me to miss my connection in Germany, but I eventually got here. Stayed last night at the beautiful Parkhotel Scheonbrun, or something like that, which is across the street from the summer palace of the Hapsburgs. Took a few pictures, but so far not successful at getting my computer on a network, so can't upload...using the hotel computer at the moment. Hopefully will have better luck at the next location.

The highlight of the flight over was sitting next to a man from Casablanca on the flight across the pond. He was an anathesiologist, who does volunteer work for a group called Operation Smile, a worldwide group that repairs cleft palates in small children. He saw my JESUS t-shirt and began to tell me all about the group. Apparently, if they get the cleft palates repaired before the babies can talk, then their speech is as good as new. I also didn't know that cleft palates can be caused by pre-natal malnutrition, which is why they have so many in Africa. Really great ministry.

He was a Muslim Arab, and was very open about religious relationships in Morrocco. They apparently live at peace with the Christians and Jews in the country, and I prayed with him that the Morroccans will have more influence over the rest of the Arab world in order for everyone to get along. He wholeheartedly agreed with my prayer.

Have to run, the bus is leaving! See you later...

Sir Charles


  1. My brother went to Morocco and found the people quite nice. I also have a Friend on myspace who is Moroccan and makes a point of talking about his lack of hatred. Interesting given that my site is a spy story about a pair of fictional Haganah agents though it is not remarkably hostile to Arabs. Jordanians are "worthy foes", other Arabs are just foes, British and Americans are "worthy comrades" except for one episode in which the British were "worthy foes". The Russians are an Evil Empire but the Germans are the main enemy.
    Enjoy the coffee. Vienna is known for it. According to legend it came when King Sobieski rescued the city from the Turks and a Viennese shopkeeper found the bag amid the spoils.
    Another story is that Vienna was the debut of The Turk, a mysterious eighteenth century version of Deep Blue constructed on a dare from Empress Maria Theresa. Apparently a boy or a dwarf was hidden inside and moved chess pieces according to signals from the balcony-presumably the builder was acting in conspiracy with some noted chessmaster who had a sense of mischief.
    One other curious anecdote I know. I read somewhere that the good Burghers of Salzburg often have not heard of The Sound of Music and are suprised when American tourists mention it.

    Enjoy Vienna. Alvedeset. Or however that is spelled.
    Sir Jason

  2. Speaking of Casablanca, I just got the movie for sale on Amazon. But I decided to keep it for myself on the grounds that I could never get a price worth the bother in a world with cheap DVDs.

    Humphrey Bogart would be pleased.

    Sir Jason

  3. thats cool daddy, love you missins!

  4. o btw i made a new blog, one that works with my gmail, which is alliecray